My Babies

This is Alejandro.


My Babies - Alleluia Is Our Song

He’s my firstborn son who began the whole life-changing process of making Matt and I parents. He loves chocolate chips, spinach smoothies (proud moment for me!), animals, bubbles, and cuddling with his mama. We are absolutely in love with him!


This is Marielena.

My Babies 2 - Alleluia Is Our Song

Marielena loves her brother, singing along while her mom is cantoring at Mass (especially if its a capella!), and putting everything she can find in her mouth. She has shown Matt and I what it means when they say your heart literally grows when you have more than one child. Strange how when you have one baby you feel like you love them almost more than you can love any other human being, but then you have your second and you feel the same way about that child.

My Babies 3 - Alleluia Is Our Song

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I hadn’t realized how quickly memories can fade after almost 2 years of having babies and being a mommy. I was starting to forget the details of my birth stories but I knew that if I sat down and actually wrote them out, I’d remember them. So before I look ahead to baby #3 (no, I’m not pregnant yet!), I thought I’d get started from the beginning. Now birth stories are something that fascinate me since I’ve gone through the experience twice; but if they aren’t something that interests you, feel free to stop here! ;) Mostly, I’m doing this so that when my kids ask one day about their birth stories, I can show them and recall those unique memories. So without further ado and if you’d like to, take a look at Alejandro’s and Marielena’s birth stories.


And now introducing…Matthew Thomas’ Birth Story!!!


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