NFP Awareness Week 2017

Happy NFP Awareness Week!

Natural Family Planning isn’t an easy topic, but it is one that is close to my heart as a Catholic woman, wife, and mother. I am grateful for the knowledge that is out there for women to understand the value of this aspect of their femininity, and the opportunity that it gives husbands to honor and appreciate their wives with this knowledge. As someone who stands by the Church’s teachings, has learned NFP, and also loves babes, I have written a couple of posts on the subject – which I link to below.

Why I Said YES to Having Kids Right Away


Mom Guilt and NFP


My biggest takeaway from the topic of Natural Family Planning is that it isn’t just a method for steering clear of pregnancy, but it’s a way of life that teaches and grows your heart. Not just because of what you are saying “no” to, but because at its heart, the Church’s teaching on life and sexuality is Gift of Self. It is an expanding of our hearts. By its very practice, NFP teaches us generosity, whether it be in our unity and dialogue as spouses, in the discernment of truly serious reasons for postponing a pregnancy, or in saying “yes” to life.

If you have not heard of Natural Family Planning and/or are having issues with your fertility, I urge you to google Napro Technology and the Creighton Model of NFP. You won’t regret looking into it. There is more information out there than what is being spread by most doctors who erroneously prescribe the Pill to countless women who often are unable to reverse the terrible damage that it causes to them and to their reproductive health.

Also, if you happen to be new to all this, I must ALWAYS recommend Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body (“Called to Love” by Carl Anderson is a good intro to it, if I remember correctly). Love all things JPII. <3

God bless you, and may you have a beautiful and restful weekend!

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