What I Made for Dinner

Good evening!

It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to sit down and write on my blog-space, so I thought I’d do something quick and fun like a little “what I made for dinner” post.

So tonight was one of those nights that kind of creep up on you where suddenly your husband is home and your kids are barely out of the tub and everyone is weary and hungry. As Matt kept the 2 little crazies (Alejo and Mari) at bay upstairs, I strapped my biggest fan (Matthew Thomas) to me in the ergo carrier and hurried to put something together that would hopefully nourish us all.


Not tonight, but this is usually his face while I’m doing stuff. He just loves this teething necklace I got for my birthday!

Now for the dinner itself. We’ve been buying a pack of costco flatbread (I think it’s only $3 for a good pack of yummy flatbread) and they make great mini pizzas! I spread a little butter on, grate some cheese, and either top it with pepperoni, or chicken sausage (also from costco) and then kale. I like putting some homemade salsa on top too! Sometimes I make plain butter/cheese ones for the kids. I’m pretty sure they like it because they don’t refuse it even though they don’t completely finish too many meals these days – unless it’s sweets! ;) I stick it in the oven at 400° until all the cheese is toasty and the bread is toasty on the edges – maybe 15 min?


Not the most lively pic ever, but the natives were restless and the baby’s heavy so I didn’t have time to plan a perfect shot!

On to my favorite part of the meal – the smoothie. This is what makes up for any aspect of the meal that is less than perfectly healthy. ;)

In a blender, toss in:

-a bunch of kale (I buy a whole bag and keep it in the freezer)
-a whole peeled quartered orange
-a quartered apple (no core)
-bunch of strawberries (I use frozen)
-a couple dallops of greek yogurt
-a handful of baby carrots (no one tastes or guesses this secret ingredient!)
-half water/half apple juice according to how thick you want smoothie to be

Just blend and serve while the nutrients are fresh! Seriously so yummy and so HEALTHY!

Okay it’s bedtime here and there were no naps again today and it’s getting loud so – off I go, whew!

What are some of your quick tried-and-true dinners?

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  1. Sarah says:

    We made the smoothie today and it was so fresh and yummy! The flatbread pizzas are a great idea we will have to try too! One of our quick dinners is nachos (chip base for adults, cracker or whole grain goldfish base for kids),with homemade guacamole. Another favorite is any kind of pasta…such as protein noodles with a “wanna-be” few ingredient pesto sauce, or whole wheat noodles with ground turkey sausage and tomato sauce with microwaved eggplant pureed into the sauce. (Eggplant haters secretly get a healthy veggie, but you can’t taste the texture and the flavor just enhances the tomato sauce and parmesan sprinkled in:)) We definitely relate to just having a couple minutes to throw dinner together and love new ideas!!

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