Thanksgiving and Some Last Minute Recipes…

So tomorrow’s Thanksgiving!!!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted – there are so many post ideas in my head and so little time when an adorable munchkin isn’t attached to my hip (or leg or arm), so I’ve just been concentrating on my life’s vocation over here. :) Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there is so much to be thankful for including my funny little partners-in-crime:


and this sweet little dude:


I thought I’d pop in with a recipe or 2 …or 3 in case you need any more plans for your big meal prep. ;)

I created and posted these way back on instagram but recently made them for breakfast again and they were a big hit with the kids.


The way it happened the other morning is that I had made Alejo and Mari some oatmeal but they were very much unenthusiastic about it. So I tricked them and made them muffin/cupcakes …with oat flour. Gotcha Alejo! He ate like 8 in one day. :)

The chocolate cupcake version is as follows:


Both recipes make about 12 sweet, moist cupcakes. I thought either one would be a good mini breakfast for Thanksgiving Day if you have guests over and want to keep it light but healthy and yummy. Seriously, these don’t taste like health food but they are pretty nutritious.

Also, since I’m very much a dessert person, my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner is a no-bake cheese pie from an old recipe we’ve been using in my family for years. Do you have a recipe like that? One that no one remembers how it was acquired and it might be from an ancient clipping, but Thanksgiving would NOT be the same without it and of course you can find it nowhere else except when you dig through the very worn family recipe book once a year, hoping it’s still there? Yeah, it’s totally a thing. ;) If you have a recipe like that, feel free to share it!


So simple and unassuming but delicious and easy! I top mine with dark bing cherries – canned and rinsed. The grape nut crust really adds a perfect nuttiness and sweet crunch. One of these days I’ll do a seperate post of this with pictures to add to my little recipe section. :)

Anyways, have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

I’ll leave you with this last thought better shared in a very mini raw video clip of what I imagine pure joy looks like:



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