7 Steps to Perfect Fluffy Glazed No-Yeast Donuts

Okay, so I know most people can say that they love donuts, and it’s obvious that I’m a little obsessed with them. But the truth is, I haven’t always liked them so much. I’ve had my fair share of bad donuts, and there is NOTHING worse than greasy oil-flavored donuts. :( BUT I have discovered a super simple way of making donuts that really isn’t complicated and I guarantee you taste SO delicious.

My 7 Quick Takes this week is going to feature my 7-step donut-making process. It is the quickest and easiest (and yummiest!) way of making donuts that I know of so far, and believe me, I’ve tried a few recipes. Best of all, you don’t need to mess with yeast!

1. Make your dough. This dough recipe that I posted yesterday works for lots of things like flatbread biscuits, and makes our base for these donuts.

2. Chill the dough. It doesn’t take long, but the longer you chill it, the easier the dough is to work with. I’m pretty sure it absorbs less oil too if it’s good and stiff from being in the fridge longer than an hour (overnight works great too!). I only chilled it for about 20-30 minutes though, and it was fine.

3. Flatten your dough to about 1/4 inch. I didn’t even use a rolling pin for this step. Just press with your fingers! Super easy!

4. Next, cut out donut shapes. I made small ones (because they make more, and they’re fun) using the top of a small coffee-shot glass. Next I made the holes using the top of a vanilla extract container. Basically anything can work if it’s the right shape.

5. When you fry up your donuts, make sure the oil is already hot, so that when you test it with the edge of your dough, the bubbles form quickly. Medium-high heat is what you’re looking for. Also, I used fresh canola oil because it has a higher flash point than some other oils and is a little easier on your heart. ;)

You want them golden brown and floating to the top to show they’re cooked. it happens rather quickly, so mind your batch! Here’s what they look like fresh off the oil:

6. Make your glaze while the donuts cool down. It’s important to let them cool so the glaze doesn’t melt on them and they can get that nice crackly glaze-shell. Yum! I’ll have the recipe listed in full below, don’t worry!

7. Dip your donuts! Double dip if you like – what I did was dip both sides – and then set aside to dry. SO delicious guys. There is NOTHING like fresh homemade donuts. I dare you to stop at one! ;) Linking up with Kelly! Let me know if you try these! <3

Perfect Fluffy Glazed No-Yeast Donuts

Created by Bianca

Ingredients for Donut Dough:

Ingredients for Glaze:

  • 1 Cup Powdered Sugar
  • 1 TBSP softened refined coconut oil
  • 2 TBSP warm water
  • 1 tsp vanilla


  • 2 circular cutters of some kind – one bigger for the donut and one for center
  • Enough Canola oil for frying so donuts are completely submerged
  • slotted large spoon for removing donuts from oil


  1. Press chilled dough down on a floured surface to about 1/4 inch and cut into donut shapes, however big or small you’d like.
  2. Heat up your canola oil on medium-high heat and make sure it quickly bubbles once you start putting in your donuts.
  3. Wait until donuts float to the top, turn them over, and make sure they are a nice golden brown on both sides, then lift out of oil and place on a baking rack or paper towel-lined plate to absorb excess oil.
  4. While donuts are cooling completely, mix your glaze ingredients. Perfect texture should be a bit stiff so it sets all crackly. Yum!
  5. Dip cooled donuts (can be still warm/cool, as long as they aren’t hot/warm. ;) Dip each side of the donut (or completely submerge – your call!) and let set on a plate or rack.
  6. Serve with coffee (love it with black coffee!!!) or tea or hot chocolate. 😋 Enjoy!!!

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