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Hi! I’m Bianca; a deeply Catholic mama to Alejandro and Marielena [*update* and now Matthew Thomas – we need new family pictures! #3rdchildproblems ;)], and a wife to my husband, Matt. I love strong homemade iced coffee, attachment parenting, following the awesome teachings of the Church, working out while baby-wearing, and keeping my family healthy. Although I consider my job as wife and mother the most important work in my life, I’m also a parish music director and a singer, whose kitchen is occasionally filled with lovely smells other than dessert (which is my favorite meal of the day! Because clearly dessert is a food group, right?). Culture is also something that drives me – both my Mexican culture and my Catholic culture. There will be plenty of stories shared here about both!

My Faith is something I’m committed to and passionate about, and this influences my love of creativity through music and cooking… even when the beauty and craziness of life with three babies means the most artistic thing I get done some days is drawing smiley faces and putting legos together on the floor with my kids while the oven bakes a batch of my quick and easy blender muffins. ;-)

One of my hopes for this blog is for my kids to one day be able to look at this work and have memories stored of their childhood, and how their parents loved them. Here there will be recipes for when they have their own lives and families and need something taste-tested and quick, or when they are going through their own seasons and need a little story to remind them they aren’t alone. This is also a place where they can see their mother sharing her music – which is something that is a big part of our family life.

 Bianca's Catholic Mommy Blog 2 - Alleluia Is Our Song

Bianca's Catholic Mommy Blog 3 - Alleluia Is Our Song

My other desire is that I can share this blog with family and friends (those I’ve met and those I have yet to meet!) and with other moms as well. It will hopefully be a place where we can encourage and uplift each other, and an opportunity where I can work on my art – music performance.

So, welcome and please enjoy as I sing and share some insights into this Mexican mama’s quest for beauty, truth, joy, and peace in a busy world full of dishes, diapers, love, and endless cookie crumbs.


  1. Jenna says:

    I found your article on BIS on having children soon after marriage. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in April, and we just got married in May. I read some of your other posts on homeschooling and gluten free goodies (I have celiac) and I feel so encouraged by your words! The Holy Spirit must have a blast speaking through you. We move a lot because my husband is in the military, but reading your blog makes life feel a little more friendly even being so far away.
    Thank you!

    • Bianca says:

      Hi Jenna!

      Thank you so much for your sweet words and congratulations on your recent marriage and being pregnant with your first baby! :) It’s a special kind of sacrifice to have to move frequently. Feel free to send me an email at bianca(@)alleluiaisoursong(.)com if you ever want to talk further! It’s always nice to talk to other like-minded women, even long distance (sometimes life can feel long distance when its not easy leaving the house often with 2 small children anyways haha!).

      Thanks again for commenting and God bless your family!

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