This and That – 7 Things

Okay! Quick-round up of things that I’ve been enjoying and things we’ve been up to lately:

1. First off, we celebrated this guy’s birthday last month. His birthday kicked off our vacation week – which was the first time ever for us. I made this cake since Alejo specifically requested a blueberry cake. It was delicious, despite the fact that I started baking it at 10 pm the night before our celebration. I bet a few of you know what that’s like! Part-time working mom of 3 four and under over here!!

2. Our vacation was a dream. By a dream I mean we got a free upgrade to a spacious suite due to a broken a/c (during our CA heat wave!) and there were plenty of beds for all of us. MT and I took one, Matt took another, and the 2 big kids got their own sofa bed! We haven’t had sleep that good in years! We visited Sonoma and toured Santa Rosa/Bodega Bay. I expected it to be hard because of our adorable crew, but it actually was so great because we really unplugged and just were present to each other. Sure Matt and I were chugging caffeine most of the time so the little ones would have un-grumpy parents at the children’s museum and various other fun stops, but hey, no one’s complaining here!

3. These biscuits are the best ever. You have to make them. Matt made them first and I’m addicted! They’re too easy and I actually keep a store of ready-made dough in the fridge for when the craving strikes. Then I take a bit, flatten it like a tortilla, and make a quick little super flaky flatbread. Then butter …what?
They also make crazy-good donuts. Just sayin. You’re welcome. ;)

4. This breakfast (to balance all the donut-eating). I can live off it and sometimes do. Greek yogurt and berries (or papaya or grapes!) And allll the toppings. SO SO good!!! I also put a bunch of yogurt chips in it… for the kids. ;)

5. I made felt donuts. They were so easy! I’d been eyeing At Home With Natalie’s posts about felt food, and then looked up a tutorial on YouTube. It is so easy and fun! I just got my supplies (felt, batting, fun colored thread) from Walmart and went for it. The kids love it. I want to make a felt pizza next. So many ideas come once you get started!

6. New favorite dry shampoo. Yup, I’m converted.

7. Okay last recipe for now! I made these ridiculously easy and equally delicious chocolate chip cookies from my fav Pinch of Yum blog (also for Alejo’s birthday). I subbed gf flour and they were amazing!!!! Speaking of Pinch of Yum, I HAVE to recommend this 5-Minute Magic Green Sauce, featured in this next picture alongside Matt’s impressive steak he made us for dinner. Too good. And it’s simple but the flavor just goes with everything. Also it’s hard to mess up because it’s so versatile! …So I guess that was 2 recipes. ;)

Happy weekend!!!

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    • Bianca says:

      Hi Mary! I just cut little circles out of the biscuit dough (using the top of a canola oil bottle) and pulled away a hole in the middle, then I fried them up in canola oil until they browned and floated to the top. Then dipped them in a simple vanilla powdered sugar glaze! Maybe I’ll do a post on it soon but that’s the jist of it! Super simple! :) Let me know if you try them! :)

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