Homeschooling, Food, and 7 QT’s

Linking up with Kelly again because in a time when every day brings a small measure of chaos, the listing format seems to work best for me! 7 Quick Takes = Brilliant blog ideas for moms. ;)

1. To start off, I’ve been kind of surviving off of these gluten free banana blender muffins and this chocolate version from Chocolate Covered Katie. They have everything in them – oats, peanut butter, and… beans. I know, I know. I’ve had bad experiences with black bean brownies too, and that’s why it took me forever to try out this recipe even though I am a big fan of Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipes. But the kids LOVE them and so do I, so there you go. Easy snack packed with protein. The trick with chickpea and black bean-based sweets is to rinse THOROUGHLY first and blend COMPLETELY. Then the texture and flavor totally work and aren’t weird.


2. SO let’s talk homeschooling for a few numbers. Matt and I finally bit the bullet and enrolled the kids in Seton’s homestudy program. We’re starting on their pre-K lesson plan. If you’ve read my post on homeschooling, you know that I went through Seton as a homeschooler from 4th grade through high school, so I’m pretty familiar with their curriculums and watching my sisters and brother go through the earlier grades as well. So far it’s going great and I am so happy with the structure it brings to our day! Sure you could order just the books, but I find my brain capacity isn’t that great for making up lesson plans, and the ones they give have some extra ideas and really make a difference in my opinion. It makes it so I can feel organized enough to feel like I can keep this up, even on days when the baby is teething (at 2 months?!) or when the dishes threaten to ruin my day (a full sink is the WORST for me).

3. Naptime is BACK. I had a feeling it would be, since our 3-ish hours of classes have been really challenging the kids in a new way. They look forward to “school” and just eat up their time learning with me while Matthew Thomas naps in his swing. There are less meltdowns in our house (from all of us) and more joy. Don’t get me wrong – it is exhausting, and the kids and I have been spending a lot of time interacting with each other, but it also makes us more connected and purpose-filled.

4. Our days have been more Faith-filled. Seton is hard-core Catholic and basically all subjects (Math, Early Literacy, Music/Art, and Religion) bring different aspects and teachings of the Faith in it. So in just a couple days, the kids have gotten better at making the Sign of the Cross and we’ve had discussions (started by Alejo) in bed at the end of the day about Guardian Angels, the Sacraments, and the Blessed Trinity. As a result, our home is feeling more like a little Domestic Church and less of a stress-filled survival spot. ;) I’m not saying any of us have suddenly become perfect or that our life is now magically a perfectly structured home where everyone constantly smiles at each other, but I like where we’re at right now much better than before. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault that we were just trying to survive for a stretch what with pregnancy, toddlers and a newborn. But now it’s time to move on. :)


5. I wanted to share real quick a few of my favorite resources so far. I shared briefly about these Catholic Children’s Treasure Box sets on instagram. They are really supplements, but I grew up loving them and they are so fun! With multiple stories, rhymes, game ideas, songs, I think it definitely spans different age levels. I also love love love this cd of classic-style songs about Church Teachings for children (I found ours on amazon). Alejo has already started singing them.

6. Okay on to food again! I made this easy 3-ingredient sweet potato gnocchi for the first time a few days ago and we’re a little obsessed over here! I used regular white flour because I didn’t have any gf on hand, but it was so good in cream of chicken soup and also fried a little in some butter with grated jack cheese on top. Even Matt loved it!

7. I’ve been putting almond butter on everything lately, and my latest discovery is persimmons drizzled with TJ’s sea-salted almond butter (although Costco’s is just as good except you have to add the sea salt – which I have done before). Seriously THE BEST pairing ever. And the kids will just gobble it up with me so double win! Any meal the kids will eat with me ensures that I can actually eat too. Making 2 different meals is just too hard these days.


My naptime snack/lunch – almond butter on persimmons and chocolate blender muffins.

Lastly, what are some quick and healthy snacks/meals you enjoy? I’m trying to make more dinners lately since I’m trying to get out of our survival mode and save a little money (a.k.a stop ordering out so much to save us from a night of cold cereal because I just. couldn’t. manage.) so I can use any ideas you guys might have!

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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  1. Alicia Schonhardt says:

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog from the SQT linkup! :)

    We’ve been doing Seton since preschool with our now 3rd and 1st grader. (Our 3yo and 1yo aren’t doing anything yet.)

    You’re right that the Catholicism is infused into everything! I’m amazed at home much my kids know now as opposed to how much I knew even in high school faith-wise.

    Okay– quick, easy snack? Banana slices with almond or cashew butter between them. You can eat them just like that or freeze them for a special “treat.” We buy ripe bananas on super sale and then peel, slice, and freeze them. They’re like happy little ice cream sandwiches!

    • Bianca says:

      That’s awesome that you’re doing Seton also! I’m loving Seton’s pre-k so far – even at this most basic level the Catholic teaching is so solid! We really needed some structure to our day and even though my 2&3 year olds learn at different paces, I thought we could just take our time with it. I bet your smallest ones learn too just by listening to the older ones!

      I LOVE your snack idea! I’m always looking for healthy dessert-type ideas. :) I too love freezing ripe bananas -usually for smoothies, but I’ll definitely have to try those yummy tiny ice cream sandwiches! :)

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