Happy St. Patrick’s Day and 7QT’s!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Things have been seriously busy-crazy around here as usual, so I thought I’d come in with a random little 7 quick-takes post link- up with Kelly. Enjoy! ;)

  1. I’ve been saying that this is the theme song of my every morning while I have my extra-strong cup of coffee in hand. Sure the crash is real, but that’s what the second cup is for, no? ;) Oh, and also, I am loving “This Is Us.” I’m not currently enjoying the very liberal culture that is seeping into the plot (I’m not entirely caught-up yet so no spoilers!), but I think they do a good job of capturing family craziness and interactions.

I tried a new Marc Jacobs eyeliner that I LOVED from Sephora for my mini free birthday sample they give but the price was a leeeeetle steep for this mom of three 3 and under. SO I did my research and found this very affordable dupe. It’s L’Oreal Paris Silkissime in black. Love it.

3. Do you guys know about my obsession with mug cakes? I love this recipe for Paleo banana bread in a mug by Running with Spoons blog. Guys, it’s too good. It’s egg-less and tends to overflow so make sure to watch it carefully (speaking from experience). But it’s one of my favorite breakfasts when I’m craving something sweet.

4. The chocolate version is awesome too. Seriously. I like it with water instead of milk (fluffier) and just a few mini allergen-free chocolate chips. I top it with my fav vanilla frosting or …vanilla greek yogurt. SO YUM. I have it once a day. And this is coming from someone who is picky about coconut flour baking, but these mug cakes are amazing.


We sang for the Archbishop this past weekend! I directed the school Mass and the regular 10 am Mass where he presided. It was awesome. And nerve-wracking. But great. Our families all came and helped watch the kids so Matt could sing bass and my sister sang the Psalm. It was a great success, and A LOT of work so, I’m glad it’s over – but still, thankful for the opportunity as a music director to show that aspect of our parish.

6. Matthew Thomas turns 7 months today… and he has 6 teeth already. So we’ve had our moments. But all in all he is a very sweet and funny personality. Our children compliment each other well. ;)

Aaaaand number 7:

In the true spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I made Pop Sugar’s Irish Soda Bread. I used 1/2 Cup of brown sugar and no caraway seeds or raisins, and although some may argue about the true authenticity of it, I thought it was great slathered with Kerrigold butter and so did the kids. We may all of us have some Irish in this family, but most of us are also Mexican, and Mexican sweet bread is always in my heart so I always have to put a little sugar in my homemade bread. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. LB says:

    The paleo banana bread sounds delicious and the bread looks tasty! Your children have grown so much and look so adorable !

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