7 Ways to Survive a Teething (Or Sick) Baby!

Who gives me a run for my money? This angel?

YES. ;)

I was reflecting this morning as I made yet another batch of pancakes with Matthew Thomas glued to my hip, on the things I’m really grateful for when any of my kids have been teething or sick. Every mom has her tried-and-true’s! Here are mine:

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1) Accessories! I’ve used a baby carrier until baby’s too heavy (20 lbs is on the verge for my back right now!) and I think most moms would agree it’s a lifesaver! Also, I love my leggings and supported shoes since clingy babies often mean lots of pacing and bouncing. Mamas we gotta look out for our comfort and care too since we’re in it for the long haul!

2) That one makeup item that makes you feel put together. Chances are, you’re not gonna have alot of free time to do much more than a quick brush-on of 1 or 2 items, so make it count haha! Whether you’re a mascara girl, or if you don’t feel yourself without blush or foundation, DO IT. For me, it’s a perfectly smudged eyeliner (currently loving l’oreal Silkissime in black).

3) Hot soak in the tub….oh wait…JK. No time for that! But really, a super quick hot shower is like life for me. If my day was completely horrid and terrible you’ll know because I’m still in the clothes I wore yesterday haha. Usually I’ll do anything I can to carve out a 2-minute shower, even if baby is grumpy in his walker or swing, or if the big kids have to watch a dreaded show, they’ll survive for 2 minutes. Trust me, it’s much better than going through the whole day without one! But I will rely on…

Dry Shampoo that actually smells good. :)

4) Dry Shampoo. I love this one ^^ but am open to recommendations! ;)

5) Walks outside for fresh air are a big one for both me and the baby. It’s a great distraction from sore gums and the change in sounds has been known to put my fussiest baby to sleep.

6) Quick, healthy meals that can be prepared while holding a baby are a must. I love Kodiak Cakes because all you need is a cup of mix and a cup of milk (you can add an egg and some brown sugar if you have the ability. Not necessary though.) It has a blend of protein, oat flour, and whole grain flours. Voila, a whole meal! I also make quick smoothies with frozen fruit because I can usually do that one-handed and we all need a little extra nutrition on these rough days.

*Reminder for prayer. Not counting this one because it’s a given, but most days I feel like I just do quick lines like “Jesus I Trust in You” on repeat. A string of Hail Mary’s or trying to offer up every sacrifice to Jesus for my family is something I try to remember on teething days. ;)

7)  Caffeine. Obviously. I recently also discovered Costco’s Vitarain and alternatives to that, which are calorie-free flavored waters (some with caffeine) that have vitamins in them. Great for sleep-deprivation, AND self-care. Win-win! ;)

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What are some survival go-to’s that YOU use for those rough teething days? I’d love more suggestions! You’ve got this, Mamas!


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  1. Laura @ Life is Beautiful says:

    Ugh. I needed this so bad. Just to know I’m not alone in it and to remember to look for the little things. I’m in a wedding out of town this weekend and the baby is getting top teeth and I’m also having PMS. It’s been such a hard week and I keep getting frustrated for getting frustrated. 😉

    Yes to the baby carrier, coffee, and walks outside!!! I struggle to pray well and focused but definitely say the name of Jesus and ask for Mary’s help.

    Lots of love!

    • Bianca says:

      Oh man!! I hear you – getting frustrated for getting frustrated, yes!! And I really miss more organized prayer time, but I know Jesus understands our desperate calls to His name when the struggles happen. Very grumpy baby over here, so thanks for your “solidarity!” 😉 Prayers that you and baby to feel better in time for the wedding! ❤

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